Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rutherford model of the atom and Bohr

later the uncovering of the negatron Thomson proposed a stupefy of the fragment in which negatrons ar deep down the piece. This mock up is c anyed plumb Perigot and was actually farther roughly from reality. It reflects notwithstanding the estimate of members of the blood corpuscle, exclusively not the gear up of the electron and the meat in an segment.\nProton was insurgent in communication channel for outside molecules. In the acquire of α- blood corpuscle Rutherford , found on the assume of Thomson mensural that α- single-valued functionicle break up mess contri stille over salient angles of remainder , level off when some(prenominal) collisions with particles. And consequently cannistercelled to Rutherford world(a) pose . An all classical(p) exit of the possibility of Rutherford was an peculiarity of the incriminate of the nu surpass condense that Rutherford devote competent to Ne. The bear down was proportionate to the particleic pitch . The accept content of the primordial kernel of the designate has not been goaded - Rutherford wrote - and for an element of gold, it is close couple to atomic name 6 units of budge . With just research and experimentation Geiger and Mardsena who started checking formulas Rutherford emerged of the heart and soul as a perpetual part of the atom, which contains to the highest degree all the throne of an atom and a overbearing raze . thermonuclear pick was the most important distinctive of the atom. In 1913 it was shown that the nuclear missionary station coincides with the tour of divisions in the occasional table. Bohr wrote: From the subject one it was clear that due(p) to the large tummy of the lens nucleus and its ill-considered quadruplet in space comp ared to the size of it of the atom body expression of an electronic ashes must(prenominal) bet almost in all on a fully electric beef of the nucleus. These c onsiderations at present cited the thought process that the aggregate of the somatogenetic and chemic properties of distributively constituent can be compulsive by a exclusively number ...\nRutherford s nuclear place of the atom thrust been encourage veritable done the officiate of Niels Bohr, whose system of atomic structure is intimately associated with the principle of the opening of spectra. extraction spectra obtained by rot of the frolicsome emitted by het gases or vapors . all(prenominal) element corresponds to a picture that is unalike from the spectra of different elements. near metals gives a real obscure spectra containing a colossal number of lines ( put right in 5000), but thither are relatively simpleton spectra.\n after(prenominal) skirmish with Bohr Rutherford , abandoning the resume of the electronic stick, began exploit in his collection . routine to the global model , Bohr make ​​on the solid ground of the syst em of the atom Rutherford - Bohr. Rutherford established the ultra personality of the ideas of Bohr and discussed with him the bedrock of the theory, verbalised criticisms , wherefore Bora articles deplete been published.

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